San Francisco Dominatrix Domina Yuki teases her male slave, who kneels at her feet and looks up adoringly at his Mistress.

What we consume matters, as it shapes our beliefs, feelings and actions. Peruse this list of ethically produced, sex and body positive porn that focuses on female pleasure. (The article has the wrong link for Four Chambers) Also- pay for your porn! Everyone should be compensated for their work.

Anal Play Prep
If you want to engage in anal play, you must be thoroughly cleaned out. I do not consent to handling your poop. Learn how to do that here.

BDSM Checklist
If you’re a newbie and are at a loss as to what you find enjoyable, this list may be helpful.

Personal Growth for men
Shape yourself into a better human for Me.

Femdom Directories

True Mistresses The World Directory and Guide to True Mistresses