San Francisco Dominatrix Domina Yuki reclines in a leather chair while resting her stiletto heels on her male slave.

A glimpse into what it’s like to serve Me…

From r:

“Thank YOU so much for your grace, presence, connection, and care. I appreciate the safe environment and for the openness.”

From a:

“Thank You so much once again for the wonderful afternoon together yesterday. It felt great to be back at your feet, being tortured, flogged, whipped, caned, and having my body covered in clothespins. i’m always feeling safe and secure when You’re tormenting me, pushing and testing my limits, and bringing me to delightful sensations. It was just what i needed after all of the anxiety i’ve been going through these past weeks.”

From d:

“Best three hours of my adult life. Overwhelmed, terrified, exhilarated. Your presence is harrowing yet tantalizing.”

From l:

“It was a roller coaster, there were some moments of bliss, some moments of pain and some moments of extreme frustration. Overall it was intense. My only hope is that you derived at least 1% of the enjoyment I experienced since that would be significant given the transcendent process I just went through. Thank you for the energy you put into our time together.”

San Francisco and Oakland based Dominatrix Domina Yuki rewarding a male slave with a caress for good subservience.

From s:

“It was so nice feeling You close as well as far away. Your face and eyes are still boring into me. So intense. i don’t know how You do it. Thank you!” 

From d:

“Now that I have recovered from exhaustion and the most intense endorphin high I can recall, I wanted to remark on the joy it was to return and be the object of your sadistic whim and creative energy. Knowing you and playing with you is so rewarding. And I cannot wait until the next time I get the chance.”

From m:

“You have grown more beautiful each passing year since meeting You nine years ago. You have put meaning into slave’s life. You have tapped a part of slave that otherwise would have been an unfulfilled dream. In slave’s seventieth year, slave gets to love, adore, worship, and respect the cherished gift You have turned out to be. Thank You for all the joy You have brought into slave’s life.”

From a:

As vulnerable as i was, i felt like i couldn’t be more comfortable, as being Her captive slave is the sweetest feeling i could have. i could relax and focus on the pain and on subspace. Each stroke, each clamp, and every time She blocked my breath, i was under her spell, living for the moment, for the next hit, the next breath. Before and after the session, Domina Yuki is friendly, and knows how to make me feel comfortable. When the session starts, She instantly becomes sensual and sadistic, making me desperate for Her. But i’lI always feel safe with Her. As much as she enjoys pushing me to the edge of what i thought i could take, She will always make sure that i’m feeling safe along the way. i am glad that i have the chance to call Her “Mistress,” and to be able to serve Her as Her toy.”

Professional Asian Dominatrix Domina Yuki’s legs and back in lingerie while playing with CBT on a bound male submissive.

From j:

“Thank you for the wonderful introduction to submission this morning! I’m very glad I saw you for my first experience. You clearly know what you’re doing and what I needed to experience. I really appreciate how you can create a safe space for me to explore. I know it’s a delicate balancing act.”

From t:

“I just wanted to say thank you for our session yesterday, I could not think of a better or more alluring and beautiful ambassador to introduce me into the BDSM world.  I thought your rope work was great, when tied up I definitely felt helpless at the hands of a temptress. I very much enjoyed being so close, wanting so badly to touch you only to have you pull away….. until the face sitting, which I absolutely loved.”

From r:

“Thank You so very much for such a wonderful evening last night – You are such an incredibly beautiful and charming being, it was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to serve You. Woke up this morning with artfully decorated buttocks – nice red welts compliments of Your skillful application of the cane … what a memorable experience! You are such a rare and exquisite beauty, i am overwhelmed by my great fortune to serve You!  i count the seconds Mistress Yuki!”

From d:

“So much about our scene today was equally exciting, frightening, invigorating and satisfying. Discovering new sensations has been the highlight of each session I have had with you, and why I always look forward to being your BDSM experiment every time! I especially enjoyed how being mummified was deeply arousing but at the same time exposing. There were real moments of panic for me, during some of which I fondly remember your laughter 🙂 Throughout the session I felt my pain level crescendo, allowing me to take more than I expected today. I am grateful that you took the session where you wanted it to go, because that was where I wanted to be!”

Professional Dominatrix Domina Yuki demands obedience from her male slave bound in a leather mask and leather cuffs.

Snippets from p’s blog (more can be found by doing a search for “Yuki”):

It’s one thing to be close to someone as desirable as Domina Yuki. It’s quite another to have her tease you about how frustrating that must be and yet deny any relief. I don’t really cry in sessions. My standard response to pain is to yell or scream. Yet this session actually had me sobbing in frustration. Yuki even commented that I was pulling expressions she’d never seen from me before. I left the play space on a high of denial, with my whole body vibrating like a tuning fork.”

The session featured some heavier bondage and corporal, along with a lot of clips attached to very delicate places…. they were absolute agony when Mistress Yuki sat on my lap and slowly moved them with her body. The combination of the pain of the clips, the closeness of her and the over-the-shoulder glance that she gave me as she pushed downwards will be a memory that stays with me for a long time.”

From a:

“I really enjoyed meeting you, you gave me one excellent ass beating. I can still feel your whip, its a pleasant reminder of you. You are an exceptional play partner. I was amazed by how deep you were able to fly me in and out of sub space. I felt that there was a really nice and unexpected energy exchange that happened, that is so hard to find. You brought me to the edge of an emotional release at least twice, that never happens. You were successful at beating the stress out of me. I am sitting on my couch feeling very centered and at peace. Anxiety free for the first time in a long time. You gave me everything I asked for and needed. You are gifted. Thank you so much!!!”

San Francisco Dominatrix Domina Yuki’s hand placed on a male submissive’s back covered in marks from their play.

From p:

“Thank you for such an excellent session. I’ve spent time reflecting on all of your thoughtful details. The layer upon layer of bondage created so many sensations of helplessness, with each layer building on and supporting the others. The ordering and pacing of the session slowly ratcheted up the intensity from start to finish. And throughout it all was your beautiful body, enrapturing me but just beyond my reach. My heart races a bit just thinking about it now. It was the bondage experience I was looking for – actually it was beyond my expectations – thank you so much!”

“I really enjoyed the varieties of bindings you used – the ropes, the wrap, the leather, the chain, the laces – and how you emphasized each step in the process of binding me. Thank for also taking me to the level of sensation play, which added to the bondage even more than I had hoped. Each time we play, my horizons expand, and you make it safe to try new things. There was one particular part of the session I wanted to call out though. It was when you had me completely bound on the hanging bench and I could squirm and feel each tie, from the laces binding my toes and fingers to the straps and ropes fastening down every other part of me. At that point, as you used me as your toy and as your furniture, you seemed to be relishing the satisfaction of an intricate bondage well-done. That positive energy from you raised my experience to the next level. I’m still thinking about it now.”

“What a fantastic serious bondage session. With all the layers of bondage, the process of being bound becomes an experience unto itself. Every time I thought you were done, there was another strap, some more wrap, a bit of chain…each restricting my movement even more. With wrap, duct tape, and two layers of thick leather, my hands have never been so useless. As I said then, you are a creative bondage artist, and I can only say that it is a delight to be your canvas. And yes, being in and struggling against that kind of serious bondage is a definite but amazing mind-fuck. Thank you. I realized that in my bondage head-space I forgot to mention this – but I was thinking it the entire time. You looked stunning in your outfit on Saturday – all the more frustrating being totally bound and helpless just inches away.”

Asian Dominatrix Domina Yuki has a male submissive tied up and bound in layered bondage while lying on the floor of a cage.
Dominatrix Domina Yuki has a male submissive tied up and bound in layered bondage while standing.
A male submissive with different layers of bondage including hand bondage all expertly applied by Asian Dominatrix Domina Yuki.
The feet of Domina Yuki’s male submissive expertly bound while lying on a bondage table.

From j:

“I just wanted to send along another thank you and tell you what an honor it was groveling at your magnificent body. I honestly meant to put up a much stronger fight than I did but I couldn’t help myself. As soon as you asked me to kiss your ass or open my mouth for your spit I immediately found myself unable to resist. Your whippings and slaps were perfectly tuned in to what I was ready for and was inserted into our activities seamlessly. It was an amazing mood that was set as soon as I walked in and felt as comfortable as if I were walking into a movie theatre. I understand how sketchy it can be to meet with someone new, so I also appreciate you taking a chance on me. And my goal of having a wonderful time was met. Thanks once again.”

From c:

“I just wanted to say thank you for our session yesterday, I could not think of a better or more beautiful ambassador to introduce me into the BDSM world.  I thought your rope work was great, when tied up I definitely felt helpless at the hands of a temptress. I very much enjoyed being so close, wanting so badly to touch you only to have you pull away….. until the face sitting, which I absolutely loved.”

Pro domme Domina Yuki affixing shackles to her caged male submissive.

From m:

“I beg for permission to thank you that you so graciously granted me such an unexpected, beautiful experience. I am afraid I will never be able to fully describe the vast variety of feelings and emotions that ran through my body and mind since you first cast your powerful and evaluating, yet tender, look at me. I was absolutely stunned by your divine beauty, overwhelmed by your intoxicating fragrance, and devoted to your dominating as well as playful presence from the very first moment. Your stunning beauty, your warm smile, your demanding yet uncondemning eyes and thoughtful look will forever be entrenched in my heart.”

“The last two years of my life no single day has passed without my mind and soul reaching up to You. I feel nothing but great pride, awe, humbleness and an indescribable amount of gratitude, that You so kindly let me in… again. For You, Dear Mistress, in my eyes will always be special. Your poise, Your grace, Your tenderness and Your beauty are unmatched by anyone I have ever seen or met. I felt blessed by our encounter the first time, and I feel even more blessed now, for Your mere presence and genuine power left marks in me that will permeate my life until I am too old to remember even my own name. Thank You for everything, Dear Mistress. Meeting You was one of the most important moments of my life, and the memories that You have planted inside me, I shall cherish forever. I will never forget You.”

Dominatrix Domina Yuki enticing a male submissive’s subservience in one of her Bay Area BDSM play spaces.

From j:

“I think you are wonderful, in the truest sense of the word. You have taken care of me in ways I could not foresee and I truly appreciate you as a human being and as my dominant. That you find our interactions “quite exciting” is like honey to the bee.  Perversely, you provide me with a confidence that all this is as it should and shall be. This is a great agenda I previously only dreamed about. The excitement generated by thoughts of complete powerlessness is overwhelming. I thank you again for your care and understanding. In my life there has been no one like you. You are so important to me. You have given me a freedom that I have yearned for. You bring so much that is good to my life and you help me in so many ways. With all the profundity I can muster… Thank You”

Asian Dominatrix Domina Yuki’s latex sleeved arm entwined with a male submissive’s.

Legal Notice: With reference to California Penal Code section 647(b) and CALCRIM Nos. 1153 to 1155, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration.