Dominatrix Domina Yuki kneels on a bed while wearing leather lingerie. She specializes in bespoke BDSM fantasy experiences.

Gifts are my love language. It shows that you care about my well being, and want to contribute to improving my life, which is so meaningful to me. My interests lay in self care, food (cooking and eating), fashion, gardening, experiences (including travel) and human connections.

My wishlist contains items that are useful to my day to day living, or improve my quality of life.

My body is my temple. Nourishing my body with high quality food and supplements is a priority. Gift cards to my favorite grocery store can be purchased online and mailed to: DY, Co. 2370 Market St. Ste 103 Box 299 San Francisco, CA 94114.

I frequently take short trips out of town and almost always stay in Airbnbs, so gift cards would be much appreciated. You can also purchase physical gift cards in grocery stores and pharmacies and mail to address listed above, or purchase an e-gift card and emailed to me.

I have very specific tastes, so gift cards are preferred. This way I can pick out exactly what I want. I enjoy buying from the following retailers:

All gift cards can be sent to mistressyuki (at) gmail (dot) com