Dominatrix Domina Yuki kneels on a bed while wearing leather lingerie. She specializes in bespoke BDSM fantasy experiences.

I love it when subs show their devotion and appreciation with gifts! My interests lay in self care, fashion, gardening, experiences and human connections.

My wishlist contains items that are useful to my day to day living, or improve my quality of life.

Spending time in my garden and filling my home with plants bring me joy. For me, it’s the most easily accessible self care that has an immediate impact on my mental health. My favorite local nursery is Flora Grubb Gardens. Gift cards can be purchased online and mailed to: DY, Co. 2370 Market St. Ste 103 Box 299 San Francisco, CA 94114

Gift cards to the following retailers are also appreciated.

All gift cards can be sent to msyuki (at) protonmail (dot) ch