Femdom Domina Yuki teases her blindfolded male submissive. Domina Yuki specializes in bondage and total power exchange.


I play out of discreet, upscale, fully equipped dungeons in both San Francisco and Oakland. My home base in San Francisco is Maison de la Maitresse, an elegant boutique dungeon. Valhalla is My playspace of choice in Oakland. Accessibility information: There are a few steps leading up to the entrance of the San Francisco location. There are no steps required to get into the Oakland space, however to get to the bathroom you will need to walk up a flight of stairs.

Session Options

There are a variety of ways to to explore our D/s dynamic. I enjoy in person domination sessions in a dungeon or discreet public play. I also enjoy going out for a meal or some other public outing after a scene, to decompress and share in the afterglow. If you want a taste of living a D/s lifestyle as My sub let’s go away for the weekend. Imagine rubbing My feet and serving Me poolside or being locked in chastity and teased during wine tasting. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

I am experienced in and enjoy a wide variety of activities. Take a look at My Proclivities gallery and Twitter feed to get a good idea of My skillset and interests. There are a few things I specialize in. Take a look at My page on cuckolding, predicament play and transformational kink to learn more. If you are completely new to kink and feel a bit lost, text me on Sextpanther and I can give you some guidance.

Booking Protocol During Covid

I am fully vaccinated, get covid tested once a week and will be masked during our session. I will only be seeing 1 client per day for everyone’s safety. Due to reducing the volume of sessions, I now have a 2 hour session minimum.

Due to high demand, it may take 1-2 weeks to book an appointment. There will never be same day availability. If you have seen Me before, you may contact Me directly via email. New clients must abide by the following protocol:

  • Read My FAQ page. To save both My time and yours, thoroughly review the information provided so as to not ask any redundant questions.
  • Fill out the application below. The information provided will help Me determine if we are a good fit or not. I ask for all information up front, to prevent wasting time going back and forth in email. The more I know about you, the better our scene will be. I usually respond to requests within 1-4 days. If you do not see a response from Me, check your spam folder.