Predicament Play

My favorite way to capture you is in My web. A predicament that gives Me complete control over your body and mind by combining elements of bondage, sensuality, and sadism. You’ll find yourself helpless and willing to bare yourself completely to My delicious torments. The more you desire me the more you suffer. You’ll squirm in desperation while I toy with you, deftly manipulating your body and emotions… reduced to a blubbering puddle, with only the singular desire to please Me. I wonder, do you think you will ever escape? Or will you simply become consumed by your own desire?

I think this session broke my brain a little bit and you will most certainly be stuck in my head for some time… What I do know about last night is that I didn’t just feel helpless – I was helpless. You picked at my brain to explore a childhood experience and then proceeded to do what you wanted. I was in your world. I should also say you’re beautiful and I think it’s great how you can switch gears from cruel, to nurturing to ‘real’. – b

I recently had the pleasure of a combination bondage/corporal session with Mistress Yuki of San Francisco. I had seen the Mistress once before and was impressed by Her style. In one moment, I would be drawn in by Her sensual teasing, and the next instant I was taken aback by a sharp infliction of pain. The juxtaposition was so consistent that I could not get enough of either, and I knew that I had to see Her again. I should mention that what impressed me during both sessions was Mistress Yuki’s penchant for improvisation. It effectively made both sessions unpredictable, and that was amplified this second session especially when I was blindfolded again. Bound, vulnerable and unable to see, it is the sensation of being a prisoner within Her mind. What impressed me the most about Mistress Yuki was how She built on our prior session, and its focus on CBT, nipple play and corporal punishment. But what also impressed me was her authenticity. Each Dominatrix is a different Woman with different proclivities, and what struck me about Mistress Yuki was how comfortable She is in Her own skin. Her propensity to improvise and Her balance of sensuality and cruelty are parts of her signature. After the session, I felt privileged for Mistress Yuki to leave Her mark on me. – d

She managed to create a really interesting set-up. The balls were pulled down and out by clips and twine attached to the chair I was sitting on. Then the nipple clamps were attached to clips on the head of the cock. This put everything into tension and, in a particularly devious touch, that tension changed as my physical arousal changed. The result was a sadistic perpetual motion machine: Softness > pulled nipples > pain > stimulation > erection > less tension > less pain > softness. It’s an endless masochistic cycle, with the added factor of a talented lady squeezing, slapping and pinching all manner of sensitive body parts. – p